BCV Handmade Pottery: A Fine Addition To Your Bathroom

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BCV Handmade Pottery: A Fine Addition To Your Bathroom

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You’ve read it right – BCV handmade pottery can entirely change your bathroom appearance, and in this article, we will highlight 5 examples that prove it.

Unusual ideas for a reason

Even though BCV handmade pottery is commonly associated with the kitchen and living room, there are some products that when cleverly arranged can create a unique, cozy atmosphere in your bathroom – in either colorful or more toned retro design (since you have a lot of designs to choose from).

The idea of combining the bathroom with BCV handmade pottery is not as strange as it would seem at first, though there are many BCV dishes that can be used in an entirely different way than initially intended by the producer (such examples are shown below). The ceramics fit very well with bathroom environments, such as mirrors, tiles, washbasins, and bathtubs. They are also resistant to steam and humidity, (Did you know that BCV handmade pottery is dishwasher proof?) and provide not only visual but also practical properties.

Still unconvinced? If so, take a look at these examples:

1. Ceramic mug for toothbrushes

This seemingly obvious idea breaks the routine of single-colored teeth-brushing cups made of plastic. Having a BCV pottery mug as a toothbrush container (or filling it with water for washing your mouth with it) may seem a little extravagant, but the truth is it looks stunning on the washbasin, and we provide a lot of options to choose from. Just take a look:

2. Ceramic bottle for fragrance oil or body lotion

As in the case of mugs, a bottle made of BCV pottery is a great idea to break the routine of omnipresent dispenser bottles. If you are using a big amount of cosmetics, there is a risk that your bathroom will start to look messy (not to say chaotic). Changing the plastic bottles for those made out of BCV pottery is a perfect solution for such problems.

3. Decorative bowls for perfumes, cosmetics, and others

A bowl made of BCV pottery will provide your bathroom with an interesting visual accent and allow easier containing your personal things. Just look at examples below and think about it: wouldn’t your bathroom stuff, such as hand creams, for example, look way better when put inside one of these bowls rather than just standing on the bathroom shelf or being put inside an ordinary jar made of glass?

4. Sugar bowl for scent balls/jar for the bath salt

As strange as it may seem, sugar bowl made of BCV pottery is an interesting idea for a scent balls container. The closing allows an easy replacement, a tiny spoon hole spreads the scent throughout the whole bathroom, and the decorative painting looks way better than just the ordinary container made of plastic.

The same rules apply for the BCV pottery jar used as a bath salt containers. It just looks better than the ordinary, transparent glass jar, and, on the practical side, can contain a lot more material.

5. Candleholders

A relaxing bath demands candle lights and ceramic candle holders made of BCV pottery provide visual effects like no other. Also, please consider that these beautiful crafts can serve you in many other situations, such as a romantic dinner for two or a family gathering. BCV candle holders are undoubtedly the most practical pieces out of all mentioned in this article.

Whether you’re looking for visual accents or practical properties, BCV pottery provides both.  Our products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and can be used in many different ways based on your imagination.

If you’re using BCV handmade pottery in any other unusual way, please share your photos and comments!

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