How To Use And Care For BCV Pottery And Polish Pottery Mugs

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How To Use And Care For BCV Pottery And Polish Pottery Mugs

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Are you curious about BCV pottery and Polish pottery mugs? This post will explain in detail why it is one of the most durable products on the market and how to preserve this.

As you may have known, Polish ceramic is one of the finest potteries produced in the whole world, which combines extraordinary beauty with great durability. It is a pretty common knowledge that BCV pottery can be used with confidence in a microwave, oven or dishwasher. But do you know why and more importantly, when that is possible?

That is the exact purpose of this post. I will tell you why BCV pottery is so resistant to surroundings and how to keep it that way. This knowledge will allow you to preserve your ceramics in great condition for many years.

So first, why are BCV pottery and Polish pottery mugs so durable?

The basic reason is, of course, the production material. They are made out of white, opaque clay of excellent quality, which (after processing) is classified as a high-density stoneware. In other words, a very solid and hard product that is resistant to manual breakage. This also provides our products with significant resistance to falling damage. However, please keep in mind that all products made out of clay are breakable if they fall down from a certain height!

This toughness is achieved because of the high temperature of clay baking – over 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, guarantees durable and non-porous structure, resistant to external conditions and completely safe usage with any kind of food.

As said in the first paragraph, BCV pottery can also be safely used in microwave, oven, dishwasher, and freezer. The heat, cold and water will not have any impact on our ceramics – as long as you use it in the right way.

So how do I take care of BCV pottery?

The easiest answer: be reasonable. Even though our products are very durable, you have to keep a few standard procedures in mind, such as:

  • our pottery can withstand a significant temperature, but it should not exceed 650 °F,
  • when using BCV pottery in the oven, always remember to put it onto an oven rack instead of a full metal tray. This way the bottom of the dish will receive much less heat, spearing it the temperature shock,
  • also, if your pottery temperature is lower than the room temperature for any reason (for example, you kept in in a fridge), always remember to let it thaw before putting it inside an oven – this will also spare your ceramics unnecessary temperature shocks,
  • similarly, when your BCV pottery is hot, do not try to cool it down with cold water or put it inside a fridge or a freezer – such strong temperature shocks can easily break your dishes,
  • when washing the pottery in the sink, do not use abrasives – they may scratch the surface, which will eventually damage the paint underneath,
  • we actually advise to use a dishwasher instead of manually washing BCV pottery – modern-day models cleaning processes are gentle enough not to damage the source, and the slow heating process will protect the ceramics from any temperature shock. However, you should always remember to use non-aggressive detergents to avoid damaging the surface,
  • NEVER put BCV pottery over a direct heat source, such as candle, electric burner or metal tray inside the oven!

If you keep these simple advice in mind, we guarantee that BCV pottery will keep the perfect condition for a very long time. Most of the points mentioned may seem very standard to you – and you’d be exactly right! BCV pottery is one of the most resistant materials available on the market, and because of that, you need nothing more than just a reminder about the general knowledge.

The main picture is shared by the courtesy of National Park Service (U.S. Department of the Interior). It is also available here.

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