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Polish Pottery - Reviews & Recommendations

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Top 10 best Polish pottery ceramic casserole with lid

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Polish Pottery Ceramic Casserole with lid: The Top 10 Most Colourful Ceramic Handmade Casserole

Turn any meal, tart, or pie into a presentable work of art when you bake and serve them in a ceramic baking dish from BCV Boleslawiec Polish Pottery. Anything baked in these beautiful dishes are ready to serve straight out of the oven. They can also be stored in cold temperatures and reheated in the microwave before popping them into the dishwasher when you’re done. Uncover these top 10 best polish pottery ceramic casserole with lid. 

polish pottery plates

  1. Not that lasagna needs any help looking tasty, but with this rectangular lasagna baking dish, you will want to serve every last piece to make sure you uncover the design on the traditional Polish Pottery design on the dish it was baked and served in that looks worthy of framing. With a trim of blue and white on the bottom, the corners bring you a field of bold, large blue flowers and greenery sure to please as you safely tuck it into the dishwasher, microwave, oven, or fridge for storage. Order this 10 in./25.5 cm. casserole baking dish in Boleslawiec Style Pattern, 0.101.Credo. 
  2. From the oven to the table, this oval dish will serve as a beautiful way to present any meal in a memorable and beautiful fashion. The egg-shaped pottery is accented with a rim of blue and tiny blue stemmed flowers on both the inside and outside for all to enjoy. Order Polish Pottery Oval Oven Serving Dish Sloeberry 24 x 16cm. 
  3. Perfect for topping off the end of any meal with pie served inside this work of art that looks like a hand crafted mosaic tile. The outside encompasses blues and white swirls as it frames the pie in a gorgeous fashion. Find this limited signature production beauty as Polish Pottery Ceramika Boleslawiec, 1212/238, Pie Baker Small, 25.1 cm in Diameter – 4 Cups, Royal Blue Patterns with Red Cornflower and Blue Butterflies Motif. 
  4. Polka dots are always in style and appropriate for settings from casual to fancy. This baking and serving dish is no exception. Dotted with blue and white polka dots and sealed with a solid blue rim, this dish is fit for any table or picnic. Order this Small Blue Dot 32cm x 26cm Polish Pottery Large Lasagna Dish. 
  5. Don’t simply set your table when you can adorn it. Why cook and serve food in an ordinary baking dish when you can show it off in a signature hand-painted limited production one. This beauty looks like a glazed tile with breathtaking artwork of poofy floral blooms, leaves, and a shiny blue border. Order Polish Pottery Ceramika Boleslawiec 1210/280 Motif Oval Mirek Baker, Royal Blue Patterns. 
  6. Show off your pasta or veggies. Even cauliflower or Brussels sprouts look great surrounded by this beautiful dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe baking dish. Enjoy the inside sea of blue dotted with white and rosy dots. The outside encircles the dish with the same dotted pattern and a row of leaves. Find this Polish pottery Boleslawiec Oven Dish, Crumble in 18.3 cm x 25 cm LEAF pattern. 
  7. Love is in the air and surrounds your favorite cooking dish with green heart-shaped tipped vines around the outside and inside to wrap your food in love. Straight from the oven to the table, your food will look appetizing and lovely. The flat bottom is filled with a sea of blue and white dots. Look for Polish Pottery Oval Oven Serving Dish – Love Leaf – 24 x 16cm. 
  8. Every kitchen needs a small round baking dish make dips or condiments look appealing. This one is wrapped and lined in a blueberry vine design and rimmed with solid glossy blue. Order Polish Pottery Ramekin – Blue Berries. 
  9. You’ll understand why the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach when you bake lasagna in this light-hearted baking dish. Wrap your food in love with a row of blue and white hearts around the rim inside and out. Look for Polish Pottery Large Lasagna Dish – Light Hearted – 32cm x 26 cm. 
  10. Encircled in a hand-painted work of art that could be framed, this pie baker shows off a strawberry design with blue around the scalloped beveled rim and center. It’s almost as if stems of floral blue blooms, fern, and red strawberries are sprouting from the center of the plate to hold your pie. Find Lidia’s Polish Pottery 251212S Pie Baker Strawberry Design, Stoneware, Red. 

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