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Polish Pottery - Reviews & Recommendations

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Top 10 best Polish pottery Cup and Saucers Sets sell on Amazon

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Starting the morning with a cup of coffee, or sharing afternoon tea with friends have become part of our daily routines. Nothing quite compares to the way a well-crafted cup feels in our hands and to have a matching saucer to rest the cup on only adds to the experience. So, why not enjoy these moments with beautiful handcrafted, hand-painted polish pottery, ceramic cup and saucer sets. Take a look at the top 10 best polish pottery cups and Saucers Sets available. 


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BCV Boleslawiec Pottery online store offers two kinds of ceramic coffee and tea cups with a 200 ml and a 300 ml option. All of the Polish pottery products are led and cadmium free and are durable enough to heat up in the microwave, cool off in the fridge or freezer, and wash in the dishwasher. 

  1. Open your eyes with this blue-eye dotted set. Boleslawiec Motif 42 blue and white cup and saucer feature a polka dotted look. It’s a great cup that looks amazing in anyone’s hands, not too feminine and not too masculine. Perfect for anyone. 
  2. Made by VENA and created by artist Ewa Walczak, this Vika Cup with saucer 033-A-001 is a work of art all the way around the cup with beautifully hand-painted floral design. The bottom of the cup is trimmed with a ring of daisies and placed on the saucer filled with daisies to match. 
  3. Carefully select an intricately decorated set encircled with floral designs accented with lines of blue flowers and dots. This is another work of art from VENA and created by Ewa Walczak. Find this beauty of a design in Ceramic Vika Cup with a saucer 033-A-063. 
  4. Subtly add a classy design to any season. This one almost looks festive with a hint holiday greetings. Equally impressive to welcome spring or refresh during hot summer months. The cup is trimmed with an Art-Deco era border that wraps inside the top rim of the cup as well. Vika Cup with a saucer 033-C-008 has a hint of blue snowflakes softly falling as they surround the cup with rows of intricate border designs. 
  5. Feel like royalty as you hold in your hand a cup and saucer combination that gives the look of priceless jewels wrapped around and inside the top of the cup and outside rim of the plate. Vika Cup and saucer 033-U-006 delivers a stunning hand-painted design that surrounds the cup and inner circle of the saucer with stemmed flowers rising out of an eye-catching gem-like circle of blue. 
  6. Classic painted flowers never go out of style as they grace a hot cup of tea. This Ceramic Vika Cup and saucer 033-U-420 creates a burst of large blue petals accented with dainty smaller blue floral accents connected with a hint of green leaves and vines. 
  7. Ring around the rosy is more than just a game kids play. Now, it’s reflective in this design fitting for anyone in any social setting. This Bunzlauer Ceramic Coffee Cup with Saucer 200 ml offers a stoneware set with a nice retro design of an orange-like circles in the center of rings of blue circles. This design is fitting to share tea or coffee with male or females alike. 
  8. Keep it classy and traditional with this Bunzlauer Keramik 1154a Classic Coffee and Tea Cup with saucer. The set nicely accents and offsets the shades of blue and green with hints of pale orange scribbled around the top of the cup. The saucer is filled with repetitive blue pattern almost reminiscent of herring bone. 
  9. 033-U-097 presents itself as a classic hand-painted pottery design with large blue petals, an elegant blue border around the rim of both the plate and cup. The bolt, yet dainty pattern offers a nice subtle peek-a-boo floral design inside the top of the cup and across the center of the saucer as well. 
  10. Classic Boleslawiec pottery, hand painted to make the perfect companion for coffee or tea. The cup is surrounded by bold blue flowers and dangling blueberry or grape-like dotted vines with a saucer to match. Find this design in 033-U-001.  

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