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Polish Pottery - Reviews & Recommendations

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Top 10 best Polish pottery dinner plates

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Why settle for simply setting the table when you have the choice to decorate your table with hand painted ceramic dinner and dessert plates from BCV Boleslawiec Polish Pottery. Accent any feast or delectable sweet treat served on these plates. Enjoy 19cm and 25 cm plates decorated with hand-painted sweet rosette designs. Browse the top 10 best Polish pottery dinner plates to grace your table.  

polish pottery plates

  1. Dot your table setting with these 16cm red dot pattern plates. The design features a border around the rim and gathered in the center of the plate of white polka dots with small blue dots in the center of each dot. To add a new exciting element to the dots, there is a ring of red dots alternating with a green branch-like feature. 
  1. Finish off your meal or leave cookies for Santa with a sweet treat resting upon a beautiful hand-painted dessert plate. It’s almost a festive holiday blue star-like or snowflake scattered and falling around the inside of the plate surrounded by a delicate blue trim border. Find this design in Nina dessert plate (19) 132-C-008. 
  1. Accent your dinner party table with this traditional and intricate design of colorful daisies and a burst of greenery in the center trimmed with a border of blue. Find this intricate design in Boleslawiec Style Pattern T.102.Daisy. 
  1. On Dasher, on Prancer, on Donner, and all of Santa’s reindeer who grace this dinner plate perfect for cookies or other delectable treats. Four reindeer are perched around the center greenery and pine trees a midst falling snow. Order the Christmas Tree Reindeer Moose Pattern 10.5” Dinner Plate for your holiday gatherings. 
  1. Pizza looks even tastier served on this blue and white dotted plate accented with a delicate single row of red dots and star bursts. Find this in the Boleslawiec Pottery Pizza plate in Bunzlauer Keramik, Decor 41. 
  1. Present food on this eye-captivating hand-painted design that resembles a bouquet of blue encircled dotted roses. The row of leaf-like features pulls the entire look together. Order the 11” Polish Pottery Dinner Plate. 
  1. Reminiscent of intricately designed tile mosaic art, this plate is nothing short of a masterpiece. Serve your dinner guests delights on this bold yet classic large blue floral hand-painted work of art dish. Find this design in 26 cm dinner plate with Blue Flowers Artistic Pattern (A506). 
  1. Breathtaking beautiful circles of blue and white and a dainty ring of forget-me-nots or blue daisies fill this plate with beauty. The double offset edge adds to its depth of design. Serve on this original Bunzlauer Deep Plate/Pasta Plate. This design comes in a pasta plate 21.8 cm, height; 4.0 cm. Order Dekor 166 a. 
  1. Violets are blue dilly dilly, you will feel as if you are carefree prancing through a field of flowers with this unique and dainty brilliant display encircled with a solid blue rim trim color. Follow the small clue, white, yellow, and green floral display from the solid ring toward the outside rim flowing all the way to the center as if you fall into a bed of flowers. Find this design in Polish Pottery, Handpainted and Handcrafted Soup Plate 22 cm. Blue Flowers Unique Pattern (U453). 
  1. Show off your soup or cereal with the pride of a peacock, or at least indicative of its feathers. Enjoy every last drop of that heartwarming, appetite satisfying soup served inside this beautiful hand-painted bowl. Swirls of white, blue, green and red tiny dots lead to the center to help you enjoy every last spoonful. Find this design in Boleslawiec Pottery soup Motif 8. 

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