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Why Handmade Polish Pottery From Boleslawiec Is A Good Investment?

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time and investment

Pottery is a process that has been around for thousands of years, some believing it to be up to 20,000 years old in Ancient China.

Today, pottery remains as an important traditional and practical process for creating many everyday objects – most notably dishware.

There is one type of pottery, in particular, that we wanted to explore in this article, and that is handmade Polish pottery from Boleslawiec. If you want to learn more about why this type of pottery is an excellent investment, then read on.

polish pottery collection

What Is Boleslawiec Pottery?

This can also be referred to as “Polish Pottery” and is the collective term for the fine pottery and stoneware crafted in Boleslawiec, a town in south-western Poland.

You might have come across forms of Boleslawiec Pottery in your life – each product is typically characterized with a blue decorative pattern set against a white background. Occasionally, there are alternative details of greens and yellows.

The art famously originated in the late Middle Ages. However, it wasn’t until the 19th-century when it fully developed and thus has continued as a form of iconic pottery.

Today, you can find Boleslawiec Pottery used for teapots, plates, jugs, platters, and even candelabras. All authentic pieces made with real Boleslawiec Pottery will have a stamp on the bottom of each product stating “Hand Made in Poland,” so be sure to look for this stamp if you are ever purchasing yourself some.

Many people take a keen interest in Boleslawiec Pottery because of its beautiful, intricate details, such as abstract florals, speckles, dots, “windmill” designs, and the all-time favourite of most pottery fans, the “peacocks eye.”

peacocks eye

Due to their delicate craftsmanship and beautiful designs, many private collectors all over the world collect them, and even Museum collections in Europe feature them as excellent forms of artisanry.

Today, with the commercialization of the pottery industry, Polish Pottery products are used every day in the kitchen and as cherished collectables. What first began as a functional product quickly turned into quality intricate designs that define a very exclusive art expression.

In the United States, Boleslawiec Pottery is extremely popular, not only for its beauty but also for its strength and long-lasting durability.


Why Boleslawiec Pottery Is A Great Investment

If you have ever seen someone who has mastered the art of pottery do their job, it’s a phenomenal process to watch. Pottery requires patience and tremendous hand-crafted skill to achieve the perfect outcome.

Boleslawiec pottery is not inexpensive, either, but as the saying goes: you get what you pay for. Polish pottery ceramics are a great investment, and you know you’re getting quality from an authentic artist.

For them to be able to earn their right to create and sign their piece, they must first be deemed well-accomplished in the art of Boleslawiec Pottery. You will notice a UNIKAT stamp on the base, which proves that the ceramic piece is rare and high-quality (with a high price tag to match).

piggy investment

Typically, mugs and cups will cost around 20-40USD, whereas larger and more detailed pieces, such as bowls and teapots, will cost from 100-200USD. Recognized artists in the Polish Pottery industry might even put their creations up for sale at over 500USD. The price significantly depends on many factors, including the type, quality of glaze, and its uniqueness.

The hand-painted design and traditional vibe give Boleslawiec Pottery an unforgettable expression, one that wins the hearts of many users and pottery admirers. They also make excellent gift ideas for friends and family as a unique addition to their tableware or kitchen decor.

Boleslawiec Pottery furthermore has outstanding resistance for daily use, regardless of where it is used. One can delight in using it in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, or even the freezer, depending on their requirements! They look even more incredible when used outdoors, the vibrant blue colours contrasting to the surroundings in an effort to be the focal point of the atmosphere.

If you’re an avid cook, you might appeal to Polish Pottery ceramics made for cooking, such as bakers for the oven or even casserole holders. If you’re a fond ceramics collector, a piece of Boleslawiec Pottery would make a great addition to your collection. Perhaps it could also become a cherished keepsake of the family – a relic to pass down throughout generations.

Other popular forms of Polish Pottery, like teapots and sugar basins, find the hearts of seniors or those who enjoy a good cuppa’ in the morning or evening. Wherever it is placed, it stands out as a beautiful work of art, especially because no two pieces are ever identical.

There is one thing, in particular, that each Polish Pottery ceramics have in common, and that is durability, which is why they make such a great investment. Polish Pottery can keep its quality and retain its vibrant colours for well over 100 years. With their ability to withstand extreme conditions while looking beautiful at the same time, there’s no reason why you won’t fall in love with your very own piece – but you want to avoid dropping them from heights, of course!

If we have convinced you that Boleslawiec Pottery is a great investment, then it’s time to start shopping and browsing around for pieces that intrigue you. There are plenty of online stores that sell this type of pottery – we established our company as experts on this particular type of pottery, with a team of people who have over 10 years of experience in the industry.

With this experience, we can recommend that there are excellent quality Polish Pottery ceramics available online, from well-established manufacturers of Boleslawiec Pottery and other familiar marketplaces such as Amazon or trusted official Boleslawiec Pottery websites. We work very closely with people from Boleslawiec who have spent their entire lives working with pottery and the special techniques that contribute to the perfect result.

But if we’re being honest, it’s recommended to go to a physical shop and browse in person. This way, you can confirm that the piece is authentic, and if the artist is there, you could ask them questions too. Ask them the purpose behind the design, what processes and materials they used, why they chose the colours, and any other questions you can think of to give your new Polish Pottery ceramics a unique story.

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