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About Us

BCV Group is a well-established manufacturer and distributer of BCV Bolesławiec Pottery hand-painted crockery made of a particular type of Polish clay- Boleslawiec clay.  This natural resource, found only in Poland (Europe) provides an excellent material for our skillful artisans to work with and produce pottery (also collectively called Polish pottery or Polish stoneware) – a very particular type with over 600 years of documented tradition.

Our pottery is made only of original Bolesławiec clay – a natural resource that provides an excellent material for skillful artists which BCV empowers.
We consider this empowering our very company mission – by directly working with independent artists and larger industries based around Bolesławiec, we take an important part in developing both the region itself and its artist’s talents since 2008.

All our products, ranging from spoons, cups, platters, jugs, butter trays to bowls, are made using high quality techniques of moulding clay, baking it and applying patterns and enamel.

Using this specific production process BCV  Bolesławiec Pottery has been creating exquisite yet durable products that meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers since 2008.

BCV Group consists of 3 business entities that covers the whole world – both physical and virtual:

  • AMS Ceramics Ltd.: based in Dublin, this department handles BCV online shop – the very domain you’re visiting right now. This department is responsible for B2C sector in the UK and EU;
  • Vena Pottery Ltd.: department based in London, responsible for B2C and B2B cooperation with entities operating in the UK and EU;
  • Smartbuyers Ltd.: department based in Dublin, this one’s purpose is to organise both B2B and B2C activities for the rest of the world – especially USA and Australia


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We strongly encourage you to see their works and become fascinated as much as we are.
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