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Find your breathtaking, colorful ceramic mug for everyday use. The Polish pottery artists have come up with nearly ten different handcrafted shapes of colorful ceramic coffee mugs, from simple, classic mugs through to more original designs, like bubble mugsbeer-stein-shaped mugs and heart-shaped mugs.

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Unikat Polish colorful pottery ceramic mugs.

Whatever shape or design of ceramic coffee or tea mug your heart desires. Whether on a warm summer’s afternoon or a long winter’s evening by the fireplace, there is nothing more soothing than a colourful handmade ceramic mug of nice, freshly-brewed tea or coffee.
Unikat Polish pottery dishes also known as handmade, handcrafted stoneware, offered by our online store are lead and cadmium-free as well as durable. All handmade ceramic coffee mugs offered by our store like other handcrafted, handmade ceramic products can be used for oven baking and are dishwasher – and microwave-safe. All our ceramic products including colorful handmade ceramic coffee mugs tolerate low temperatures very well, which makes them suitable for storing food in refrigerators and freezers. 

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Handmade ceramic mugs from BCV are stylish and colorful coffee and tea mugs come in different sets to accommodate your everyday uses. Our team of creative pottery artists has created about ten varieties of handmade ceramic mugs ranging from simple, classic to more authentic designs such as heart0shaped mugs, beer-stein-shaped mugs, and bubble mugs. Ceramic mugs can be delivered in whatever shape of mug your heart desires.

A colorful handmade ceramic mug of coffee or tea is quite refreshing both on a warm summer’s afternoon or a winter evening by the fireplace.

Why ceramic mugs are safe to use?

We understand that you are worried about the safety of your drink. So, to dispel your worries, you need a ceramic mug to trust whenever you want to drink coffee or tea. Our ceramic mugs are made of lead and cadmium free material to ensure that harmful substances such as toxins don’t get to your drink.

Refrigerators or freezer safe

Storing your coffee or tea just got convenient. Our ceramic mugs tolerate shallow temperatures making them ideal for keeping in refrigerators and freezers.

Ceramic Mugs are made of 100% natural Material

Polish pottery artists use natural materials to create these handmade cramic mugs. So, during its crafting, no additives or dyes are used. The glaze in the inside is lead and toxic-free, ensuring that your coffee ceramic mug is comfortable and safe to use. While these ceramic mugs could have some imperfections due to the milk treatment for each of them, it doesn’t prevent you from enjoying your coffee fragrance.

The durability of handmade ceramic mugs

Our coffee ceramic mugs are mainly created to serve you for such a long time. You will enjoy your coffee or tea comfortably and for very many years. The authentic set provides you with the durability you desire.

Handmade ceramic mugs as a great gift idea

Are you still looking for a perfect gift idea for your family and friends? This handmade coffee ceramic mug is an ideal addition for your friends and relatives. The ceramic mugs are carefully packaged for easy delivery to your family members and friends for any of their occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, weddings, mother’s day, father’s day. Moreover, it never clashes with your home décor, perhaps that’s why it’s the most elegant gift you can send to a loved one.

Why handmade ceramic mugs are easy to clean?

The handmade coffee ceramic mugs have smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. The artists have included enough space between the handles to enable you to hold these ceramic mugs comfortably. Cleaning or using them is easy because of the adequate distance between the handles and the ceramic coffee mug.

Stylish multi-pattern design

Our coffee ceramic mugs are available in about ten varieties of beautiful designs. From the designs available, you can choose the kind of coffee ceramic mug that best suits your personality and needs.

Elevate your coffee experience by using our elegantly designed coffee ceramic mugs. Our ceramic mugs are created naturally using pottery technology, making them suitable for all your occasions. They are easy to store, so organizing and keeping your kitchen neat is a guarantee. You can find the coffee ceramic mugs at various online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. However, if you are looking for a convenient place for you, you are in the right place.

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