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Handcrafted, Hand Painted Ceramic Mugs – BCV Polish Pottery

The artists working for BCV Boleslawiec Pottery have come up with nearly ten different shapes of mugs, from simple, classic ones through to more original designs, like bulb-shaped,  beer-stein-shaped and heart-shaped ones. Whatever your heart desires.
Whether on a warm summer’s afternoon or a long winter’s evening by the fireplace, there is nothing more soothing than a mug of nice, freshly-brewed tea.

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Polish pottery offered by BCV online store is a lead and cadmium free as well as is a durable as all offered by our store handcrafted, handmade ceramic mugs can be used for oven baking and are dishwasher – and microwave-safe. All ceramic products tolerate low temperatures very well, what makes them suitable for storing food in refrigerators and freezers. 

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